Sticky and merge request for the mods -- Apps don't install/update


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Oct 22, 2010
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There are literally dozens of threads on the issue of not being able to install or update apps where it appears to download but doesn't isntall. The advice on fixing them is different in many of the threads as well with some things being repeated over and over that clearly don't work for a lot of people. Just as bad is people confusing the issues of not installing new apps vrs. not updating old ones. Sometimes the posters don't make it clear what they are refering to and sometimes the responders don't read closely enough and are giving advice for one that is not appropriate for the other.

The multiple threads makes searching for an answer to the problem difficult and makes the sometimes conflicting advice even worse.

What we need is a merge of the "does not install new app" and (perhaps seperatly) the "does not update" threads and put a sticky on them so there is less of a chance for more and more threads on the same issues.