still have mixed feelings about leaving BB !


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Feb 21, 2011
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OK folks,

It's been 6 month's since I took the leap from BB.... I was a loyal BB user for over 8 years... I had the BB Tour which was extremely reliable with great battery life. I was a loyal RIM man who wasn't phased by the touch screen craze. ( I'm a Keyboard guy)...

Then one day it happened... this sexy android wandered into the store. she had nice curves and from behind she had a nice keyboard ! .... She caught my attention, I had to introduce myself, The poster said her name was Epic but her real name is Eclair ( Sweet!) I wandered over and touched her smooth screen, she was very responsive with a beautiful display, bigger and brighter than my BB, she felt good in my hands, I slid the screen up to test the keyboard and I fell in lust. I realized that there could be life beyond BB!.....

We've been together for some time now and the newness of our relationship is starting to fade...I'm starting to see her faults and I'm wondering if I made a mistake.... I joined the forum for some android relationship support.
I do love her but she's not as durable as my old BB partner. She can't hang out with out a charger or a spare battery! I like that android has so many apps and features but what good are they if I can't use them because the phone is charging.
Help me out here! I don't want to be rash in judgment... but I need a little more battery life from my phone... Is there hope for android phones in this area ?


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Dec 6, 2010
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Do you have any task killers? Get rid of them.
What is your screen timeout? Put it to the lowest
Screen Brightness? turn it down

Those are just some things to look at. Also do you have a lot of widgets running and updating all the time? If so, get rid of unwanted widgets and change update to around 1 or 2 hours.
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Sep 2, 2010
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^ Yes. Unfortunately the only pro of not being as powerful is having a longer battery life, you will never last as long as a bb. But you should have no problem lasting a day if you take precautions and are smart with your battery.

Worst case scenario, you could root and possibly load a more battery efficient rom, or even just delete the "bloatware" apps that suck up battery in the background.
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