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stock calendar app - hit or miss if it shows items


New member
May 22, 2013
so i got my new Nexus 5, set it all up.
find that the stock calendar app is still hit or miss as to whether it decides to show items in the calendar.
i had my old nexus 4 sitting next to it and the nexus 5 wasn't showing an item that the nexus 4 was (this item was also showing on the web version of the calendar).
i then scroll thru and the nexus 5 shows an item that the nexus 4 doesn't.

this really makes the calendar app un-usable, as you are never sure if it's 100% accurate or not!

one example of a missing item is from a holidays calendar that i added via the google calendars list.
now it isn't EVERY item from that calendar that is missing, it's the odd one or two.

another instance of missing items is from the birthdays calendar, again some as above, some show some don't.

so it this something that i just need to live with (ie do others see this?)
or is there some fix? this is a brand new nexus 5 with a fresh setup.


Oct 23, 2013
Interesting, similar problem I have with my note 3. My outlook calendar syncs fine, just my google apps not!