Stock Email missing 5 and 10 min Sync options


Dec 12, 2011
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I used to use a Samsung Galaxy S3 and had my personal email sync schedule set to 5 minutes. Later when I upgraded to an Galaxy S4 and now a Galaxy J7 the shortest time allowed to sync is 15 min. However when I look at "How to sync email videos" on Youtube for these newer devices they still have the 5 and 10 min options. How am I the only one to have these options missing on multiple devices? Is there a way to get the 5 min option back?

This is with the stock email client (not Gmail) and the email account is a personal domain that I own with my own mail server running MDaemon.

I also sync my Comcast email account to the J7 and while it only goes as low as 15 min, it does have an Auto (when received) option which I assume means it will get emails instantly when they arrive on the server (push). Is there a way to enable this for the other account?