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Stop Intrusive apps (Superb Cleaner, Super Locker, Super File Manager)


New member
Nov 8, 2016

I have a phone with Android 5.1.

Superb Cleaner, Super Locker & Super File Manager seems to be impossible to delete. After uninstall within a few minutes its back on my phone. I have never even installed it in the first place. I can delete it 10 times if i want it will simply come back. This will cause other apps not to work properly and will also cause a lot of pop up adds.

Today it caused me to be stuck in traffic because i could not use google maps properly because of these absolutely intrusive apps. Also the permissions that this apps have access to pretty much everything. Unbelievable.

Even after a factory reset it will simply come back. How the hell is that possible?

I have also mailed them to tell me how to get rid of their STUPID INTRUSIVE apps but no reply.

Please google stop these kind of intrusive apps. This should NOT be allowed, or there should be an easy way to block these kind of apps.

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF THESE APPS???? These apps are causing me to want to destroy my android phone and rather buy an iphone.

Visit website
Email augeapps@gmail.com


Co-Ambassador Team Lead
Jun 10, 2014
Welcome to Android Central.

Report the apps to Google here if you feel that they are inappropriate:

The apps that you refer to may have been preinstalled by the device manufacturer, which would be nothing to do with Google. Did you restore from a backup after resetting? If so, they will have been restored along with it.
If intractable, it may be necessary to reflash the stock ROM.