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Stop Nexus 10 from downloading all the apps on my phone?


New member
Aug 1, 2013
I tried searching for this but couldn't come up with anything....

I just got a Nexus 10 and have been using a Galaxy S3 for a long while. When I setup the Nexus 10 it immediately started downloading all the apps I have installed on my S3. I want to be able to use my existing Google account on both devices but manage what apps are used on which device separately. I just don't want to clutter the tablet with apps I'll never use on the tablet and vice versa. Is what I want to do possible? Any help is appreciated.


Slender Troll

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Aug 20, 2012
Just go to the play store and stop the downloading process

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Jul 8, 2012
when u setup the tablet for the first time it ask you if you want to restore from backup.
that's when you uncheck it and it wont auto download everything


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Dec 12, 2009
Just to add to this, it seems to kind *learn* what apps you keep on your phone vs. your tablet after a while.

Yeah, when you first set it up it installs a lot of apps, but I just went through and uninstalled the ones I didn't really need on my tablet...and eventually I started adding apps that want on the tablet (but don't necessarily need on my phone). Since then, each time I've done a factory reset (I install ROMs, so this happens quite a bit), it generally only re-installs the apps I want on it, and does a pretty good job of only installing phone apps on phone, tablet apps on tablet, and mutual apps on both.

Obviously you could just choose to not restore your apps automatically, as mentioned above, but I prefer to just let Google do it's thing, and it does an OK job at it.