Storage Issue with Acer Iconia 16GB Marshmallow


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Jan 28, 2017
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Hello All,

I have a memory problem with my tablet. I've seen tons of similar posts, but not to the same level of severity as to what I'm seeing.

Acer Iconia
1.3 GHz
Running Marshmallow

After factoring the 6.32 GB storage needed for the OS, I have 9.68 GB of internal storage left. Of that, 9.59 is used up. ON WHAT????
Apps - 2.41 GB
Images - 269 MB
Videos - 8 KB
Audio - 40 KB
Other - 30.9 MB
Cached Data - 610 MB
In total, this works out to less than 3.5 GB. So what is taking up the other 6 GB? It's rendered the tablet almost unusable as I've deleted as many apps from internal as I can, and I can't make enough room to download apps to move to the SD card. Right now, I can't even download updates.

IS the 6 GB being taken up by the backup partition? If so, is there a way to move the backup to the SD?

All images, music files and any app that can be moved has been moved to the SD card from the get go. I have almost 20gb of storage left on my 32 GB SD card.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Or if someone can direct me a thread that already answers this issue.