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storage space different looking now after oreo update verizon


New member
Apr 28, 2011
ok so 2 things i notice now before i went to oreo this afternoon

while on 7.0 storage space used to say free avaiable space complete like say 7.53 gb etc etc also there used to be cache data

now i understand device maiteance came on phone after update oreo

anyways i see cache data gone now its saying clean now and free available space for me right now saying 18gb<-18gb of what that's what i want to know is it 18.05 18.00 meh

i guess since device mainteance came on after install oreo update no way to turn it off meh


New member
Feb 5, 2018
Install Data Size Explorer. Also, dive into your settings, applications, more settings. You may find what you want there.