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Storing files on my phone or my sd card?!


New member
Aug 25, 2015
I'm using Napster / rhapsody on my HTC One M8 and have downloaded some music for offline listening. If I go to advanced settings on the app, and choose music download location, I'm given three options:
* /storage/emulated/0 (default)
* /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.rhapsody.napster/files
* /storage/ext_sd/Android/data/com.rhapsody.napster/files (selected)

I thought this meant I'd selected my SD card to store the Napster downloads. However, if I look in my app info screen through settings / storage, it tells me total storage is 2.28GB, App 36MB, SD Card app 0.0B, data 2.24GB and SD Card data 0.0B. Plus, my phone is very nearly full and if it's not because of the 2GB of napster files, I'm not sure what it could be (since all photos etc are on SD card)!

Confusingly, if I use file manager to try and find the napster files, under the "phone storage" tab I can browse to /android/data/com.rhapsody.napster/files/rhapsody/ and there's not a lot there, but if I go to the "SD Card" tab and /android/data/com.rhapsody.napster/files/rhapsody/files/" it looks like all my files are there (a load of TRA.[number] files). So from that it does look like they are on my SD card, rather than internal storage.

If I go to the Apps menu under settings and sort by size, Napster appears at the top at 2.28GB. If I go to Storage under settings, apps shows up as taking up 11.74GB of my 16GB internal storage, but apart from Napster (2.28GB) and Plex (1.52GB - also supposed to be on the SD card) I've then got 17 apps between 100 and 200GB, 3 between 200-300, and then one at 441MB (Pocket casts, also set in settings to use SD storage), one at 327MB and one at 324MB (Google play music, also using external storage)).

So I'm a bit confused - from my fairly amateur investigation my guess is the apps are storing files on the SD card, but for some reason the phone is counting that storage against the phone storage. So even though it's saying my phone is nearly full, I'm not sure that it is. Can anyone advise or assist?! I'm getting warnings that my phone is nearly full, and when I try to update apps I sometimes get warnings that they can't be updated as the phone is full. Is it full? or does android just think that it is? And if the latter, how can I persuade it that it's not!

Grateful for any advice!