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Jul 23, 2010
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I go on an annual trip to my father's. Usually, on this trip, my children and wife are spoiled rotten. I love it because I am a mirror image of my father. I even saw a picture of him in his 30's with a beard and I was looking in the mirror! Both of us are the kind of guy that will go into a store like Fry's or Best Buy (and if we're up for some slummin' - the Walmart electronics section too) and just walk around and look at all the devices. I totally don't care if I end up with 3 billion dollars of stuff or not even an empty candy wrapper. I like looking at stuff with my dad. A standard comment between the two of us for our sick twisted look at electronics and stuff would be like this: While looking at a Logitech joy stick "You and I both have this exact same joystick, but this one is cooler because of the artwork on the box!" So, while they get spoiled we enjoy each other's company and do a lot of bragging on devices. To escalate things, he has ALL Apple and I am ALL android (except my computer). He had the pebble as a kickstarter. It was fun, though I was envious, to get the emails he'd forward as the pebble came into being. Each and every email that went to a kickstarter also came to me, so it was great. I didn't get in on the kickstarter stuff and I got in late and did a pre-order. I didn't tell my wife about the preorder, because I thought I really still had a year before it mattered. My number came up about 3 weeks ago, and she said NO! Can you believe it! Ghastly. So, I had nothing. But that was cool. On a trip through Best Buy my dad happens upon one, and chooses to buy one for me. I had no idea this was coming and almost died there on the floor. I mean it, I have medical problems! Okay, none that would have killed me, but it was close. Now, the chatter was on. Android vs iPhone - Who could make their pebble cooler. Trust me when I say this... He was gracious, and I didn't join in, but the wives were giving him NON-STOP heck because HE had the pebble first, HE had chosen to buy one for his son, HE had been bragging non-stop (and rightly so) that his pebble was cooler than their stuff and mine to the time, HE made us all watch him change his watch faces and stuff as new ones came in (I liked it, but they ladies didn't)... THEN... Within moments I am able to lap his pebble with all sorts of Android stuff. We have about 10x the stuff on our platform compared to him. I kept it between him and me. He made the mistake of letting the beans spill to his wife. Wow, insufferable... You ain't seen nothing. I am usually leading the charge between Android and iOS in these family "discussions". I really had to defend him, come to his aid! Felt bad for the guy. I even defended iOS - I will never admit that again...

Anyway, it's an awesome device. We played with our watches late into the night. Yes, it's nerdy, but it was fun. Incoming is a post on the things I have found so far for android pebble users. iOS, you're on your own. Unless you're my dad, I'm not helping any of you! HA.

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