Strange issues and higher battery drain after the last update, anyone else?


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Jun 5, 2011
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Okay. I have a Watch 4 Classic with the latest update (R890XXU1GWA3) and woke up to a VERY strange issue.

Normal Routine:

1. I put the watch in Bedtime Mode when I go to sleep (it is NOT sync'd with my phone, my phone I have to keep ON because of on-call, so only the watch goes to Bedtime Mode).
2. When I wake up, I charge the watch when showering
3. Put my watch back on once fully charged
4. Go about my day

What happened this morning:

1. Put watch to Bedtime Mode when I went to bed
2. Woke up at normal time
3. Took my watch off my wrist to charge before shower, the watch powered off
4. Powered watch back on (was at 54% when it came back on)
5. Put watch on charger
6. Removed watch from Charger after reaching 100%
7. Pulled down the notification shade to turn off Bedtime Mode
8. Hit the setting to turn it off, notification "Sleep Mode" like normal
9. Bedtime mode was STILL ON (notification pulldown showed it was still on)
10. Rebooted watch to see if something was stuck
11. Bedtime mode ON and would NOT turn off with the notification shade button
12. I had to go into the Settings Menu and turn OFF DND and Bedtime Mode
13. Now, bedtime mode in notification pulldown turns it on/off properly

This has never happened before and just started after the last update. I have also noticed that on my watch (4 Classic) and my wife watch (regular Watch 4) that the battery drains a LOT more than before.

When I normally wake up and put my watch on the charger, I sit between 35% and 50% depending on the day. My wife, hers normally hovers between 25% and 20% when she charges, but now, it's below 10% and 15%.

We have checked notifications are the way we have always had them set, so nothing has changed there.

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