Strangest bug ever - Phone contacts dissapear - Urgent !


Oct 9, 2015
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Hey guys,

For the last month, since I changed sim cards with a different network, every time I add a new contact to my phone it saves it in and then 15 minutes later it is deleted.

Contacts are being saved to my Google account (not to my sim card or to the phone) and contacts are being displayed from my google account as well.

If I lookup the contacts on gmail they also don't appear.

I used to be able to view the contacts on my google contacts list and edit and delete contacts over there which would sync directly to my phone.

In short - no settings have been changed on my phone at all and it appears that there is a sync issue.

I have deleted my google account on my phone more than once and tried it again but it STILL doesn't work...

What the hell is going on and how do I fix this?? I cannot continue like this anymore as I am losing contacts when I think they are being saved

I might also like to add that I have the same issue with Gmail - e-mails are not pushing on my phone anymore and only manual checking works... it's terrible I am just so angry at the moment with anything google and this stupid G4 !!!!!!!!!!

Thank you!!!

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