Strat II Issue or Fat-Finger issue (my money is on my fat digits)


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Dec 17, 2012
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I picked up a Strat II a week ago. Knowing that it was a Smartphone and Touchscreen driven, I also picked up a perscription for Cymbalta, the two of which go beautifully together and i highly recomend it. OK, on to my issue. on Hard Keyboard, while typing a text msg, mostly on ones that are more than 5 lines long, I'd say, 60-70%, for some unknown reason, convert to Media format while typing. I admit That 1) im a smartphone ROOKIE. 2), I hold awards for fat fingering texts beyong human comprehesion. Having said that, i always proof-read and correct. Anyone know what combination of keys I am hitting to cause this? Several people respond saying they recieved my text, but since it came in Picture format, parts were cut off. I also had the keyboard stop working Mid-text, not due to character count, just for no reason, restart fixed it. Can anyone help. I used to pride myself with my ability to problem-solve but my short period of smartphone use has pretty much claim that and everything else but my Manhood! ANY SUGGESTIONS would be greatly appreciated!