stratosphere 2 calendar showing wrong date for "Today"

Jun 29, 2011
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I used a Stratosphere 2 for about a week last month, and noticed that the calendar application would usually show the wrong date for "Today". That is, the phone's internal clock was set to the correct day, but if you opened the calendar app it would highlight the *next* day as "Today" and list tomorrow's entries as the things you were supposed to do "Today". For example, here is the calendar showing me my list of things to do "Today, June 3":
even though the phone's internal clock clearly knows that the current time is 9:22 PM on June **2**, not June 3, since here is a picture I took right after I took the last one:

Oddly, the calendar application would show the *correct* date for "Today" in the morning, but then some time in the afternoon would flip over to highlighting the next day's date as "Today" -- I assume the bug is that it determine's "today's date" using universal standard time (which is 9 hours ahead of me), instead of my local time zone.

Has anyone else noticed this, or found a workaround? (I no longer have the Stratosphere 2, but perhaps your knowledge could benefit other people that run into the same problem and find this thread.)

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