Strongly considering Neus 10 (Ipad 2 is angering me)


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Oct 18, 2011
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I prefer Android. I have an android phone. I have some grudges against Apple that I'm sure others here have. I got an Ipad 2 as an early Christmas gift. I've never had a tablet before. It's pretty cool, but already i'm running into the kind of design limitations that make you feel like Apple is not on your side as a consumer. I can't just put files onto it via USB, it seems really difficult to get FILES onto it, because Apple seems to want it that way. I also can't use Swype. I LOVE swype.

I got the swype app for ipad, but it can't be used to replace the native keyboard (making it almost worthless) and when I tried using the app, it didn't seem as "smart" as it does on android. It generally just didn't seem to know what my fingers were doing, like it does on my android. These are my two biggest problems so far with the Ipad.

Now I look it up, and for what the Ipad 2 costs the same as the Nexus 10. The ten has much better specs, and isn't apple! Still, i hear a lot of people talk about how the apps on Ipad are just better, and that so many android apps are disappointing for a tablet, and feel like old apps, made for phones.

I also feel a little pressured to stick with Ipad, because my brother and a good buddy of ours have an Ipad, and I wonder if there will be a number of things like FaceTime, where it'll be a drag that I'm not on their same system, (still, we all 3 have google+, and that could work.)

I'd love your feedback guys. Thanks.

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