Stuck after flashing new rom.

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hi. i've flashed official 4.4 via odin in my Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9305). but it stucks on WELCOME screen. Welcome screen is screen which appears after SAMSUNG logo, from where i can select language and access accessibility settings. i tried different custom roms too but phone stucks on WELCOME screen (basically setup screen). I can't move further because everytime i restart or flash new rom it stucks.
any idea how to get rid of this.

REMEMBER: it's not bootloop error. Phone boots properly but after the SAMSUNG logo on the set up screen (which i'm calling WELCOME screen) it stuck.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Make sure you're flashing the i9305 ROM for your country for your carrier. If it still doesn't work, consider finding a 4.4.4 ROM, or a CyanogenMod ROM.