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Stuck in Samsung screen when phone turns on! [Lots of problems] How can I fix it?


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Stuck in Samsung screen when phone turns on! [Lots of problems]

Hello guys. My first post here, and I'm kind of lost. Until yesterday I were playing videogames and my phone had 10% battery. Suddenly it turned off completely, and when I tried turning it on again it would get stuck on a repetitive "Samsung Galaxy S4" screen (the first one that appears when you turn your cellphone on).

So, I left it charging overnight, and when I woke up, it still wouldn't turn off. So I tried:

-> Taking the battery off and then putting it on again. Multiple times. With huge time intervals. No sucess.
-> Entering Recovery or safe mode
-> Plugging it in my PC (wouldn't show up as if it was connected)

What I haven't tried

-> Trying another battery

And then I started noticing some stuff that other people were experiencing.

-> My phone autoboots when I put battery on (so I can't enter Recovery or Safe mode)
-> My phone won't turn off at all. If it's stuck in the Samsung logo screen, even if I try to turn it off, it just doesn't.
-> When it's charging, a new image appears instead of the bar filling with green, it's an empty bar with a lightining image in the middle of it.
-> I can't turn it on while it's charging (pressing power button won't work).

So, I've seen a lot of threads, but I haven't seen a single one with so many problems togheter like mine.

Any suggestions? Since I can't enter Recovery Mode I can't even do a reset.