stucked camera and battery consumption


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May 23, 2012
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Hi everybody,
I have an HTC Desire with Oxygen 2.3.2
Recently (and suddenly) the camera did not work anymore.
When I start it (via app) I see nothing but a black screen and I can't do anything, I must click on the "home" button to return on the homepage.
Morevoer, I noticed that the camera is always "on"; I cannot use it because when I open it I see just a black screen, but the camera remains "on" and i can't turn it off!
I know that because since I had this problem my battery lasts just four or five hours (from full charge!).
I downloaded "betterbatterystats" to have a confirmation of the process that was mostly using my battery (it always shows the process "msm_camera_awake").
Do u have any idea how to fix it?
I've alrealdy tried to reboot and nothing happened...
My last option is to flash the rom again... :'(
Thanks in advance!


Nov 29, 2010
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try clearing the data from just the camera app
next you can try to download a different camera from the market to see if it is possibly hardware.
Next clear all data (do a backup first so you do not lose anything)
finally flash the ROM again

Hopefully you will not get to the last two, but there you go in a nutshell