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Jul 23, 2010
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Okay, now that you have your pebble... Great. Congrats. I can tell the freakin' time! Happy day! But, anything can do that. We want to push the limits on what we can do. We know that from day one, or we wouldn't be here. Here's what we are coming to these style message boards for. We're not the type of people that are found on SOME message boards where we will destroy you for asking a "n00b" question... But we're above the level of standard people because we want to make our devices do just that much more. So, let's talk fun crap.

First, it's still a freakin' watch. In the end... we want to know the time. There is no more important a function of a watch than time! Knowing that, the majority of what we can do is all going to be (so far) watch face based. The subtle stuff comes when we're showing off, which is the second most important function of our watch.

That being said, here's the site to go to for all your pre-designed face needs: Home | My Pebble Faces This is a bunch of watch faces made by people. From what I have noticed, they are a lot of random things that people have coded and put up there. Sifting through it can be a bit daunting, but you never know what you might find.
Also on that site, there are other places you can get apps and the like. There has been one I know of that you can download for free, then it wants you to pay them 99 cents to activate the ability of the app. So, just do your thing and make your choices.

Next you want to have the ability to make your own watch faces. This is the app for doing that IF you are able to stay connected to your Android Device (meaning a bluetooth link). This is called Pebble Canvas - I didn't write it, thank and be happy with the dude that did. This really can be a Must have. I think it is a MUST have. This app lets you make a custom watch face. The face is stored/run on the phone, so you need to be in contact with your phone via bluetooth to keep the face updated. You can make just about anything with this app. Below is a copy of the watch face I was rocking last night. The app has been updated and is now actually more powerful. I have a lot of stuff on my watch now that ISN'T in this picture. There are things all over this app. Go try it, work with it, enjoy it.
You see, a weather icon in the top left corner, next to that is the weather location, temp (?F) and condition, below that is the time, the 40% is my phone's battery, below that the Tuesday is the day and then Date/Month combo. To the right is a Bengals logo I pulled off my phone.

You will probably want a watch face that you can make yourself and then install on your watch and be a stand alone face. This eliminates the weather, missed calls and such, but that's why we're making this one. It comes from this website: Watchface Generator for Pebble - by Paul Rode Play with it, experiment. They are updating this generator constantly. You can also send the link it gives you to others and have them download your watch face.

Next we have some stuff you want to show off on your watch. A lot of these are actually very useful too. First one is going to be Pebble Phone Ringer Switcher: - simple app to use, does exactly what you would think. You can switch the ringer on your phone without having to pull the phone out. Probably great in a theater or anything.

Primary functionality of the watch is for push notifications, arguably. Customizing your notifications and adding ones not supported with the native app. This one is simple to use also, just go in and select the apps you WANT notifications on or you have the option to select the apps you do NOT want. The app is Pebble Notifier:

Super important to me, is the ability to say to my children, "Where did you put my phone this time!" With Pebble Plus, Find My Phone, you just select "Find My Phone" on your watch and my alarm ringer goes off. If your phone is on vibrate or silent, just use your watch to push it into normal ringer mode and then make it ring. There's more in this app, I have yet to explore, but this is why I installed it.

For now, that's all the ones I am using. My dad is sending me more apps every day to try out and use, I will keep putting more stuff that I have actual experience with. Please add yours. If you have used it, tell about it. There's thousands of lists out there that just tell you what they are. I'm not doing that list today.

Check back with you later.
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Jul 18, 2010
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Glance is the best watchface. Has time, day-date, weather, number of unread emails, messages, missed calls, and phone battery. Also access to additional information -- a stocks, detailed weather, calendar and other options. Light or dark face, other choices. "Augmented smart watch" is the best notifier app. Complicated to set up but very flexible and lots of notifications. Many functions such as finding phone, calendar, navigation instructions, etc.