Question Suggestions for my Moto G5


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Dec 6, 2023
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Hello everyone. I'm facing a very serious issue with my Motorola G5 XT1672 and I'm at a loss for how to solve it.

Last week, I was using WhatsApp normally when the system suddenly froze. I decided to restart the smartphone and it went into an infinite loop. I removed the battery to turn it off and, upon turning it on again, I performed a hard reset.

And that's when the problem started. The phone, initially, goes to this screen:

After I select "reset phone", it restarts, and this encryption message appears perpetually:

I've tried installing the original factory firmware, downloading the drivers and updated ADB but the computer does not recognize the smartphone when connected.
It also does not recognize Lenovo software or RSDLite when connected to the computer, although it charges normally. I have tested it on various computers and even a technician friend couldn't understand what is happening.

I'm desperate and out of ideas. I really need this device to work.

I welcome any help, tips, and suggestions. Please.

More informations about smartphone and your atual status is here: