Surefire way to embarass your child!

Mr Mayor

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Jan 26, 2010
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Had a little fun yesterday with my 8 year old son and the Droid... God was he embarassed, but we cracked up later...

Ok, so I downloaded one of those FARTing applications that seem to be way too prevelant out there.... He then had to use a public restroom yesterday.. (if you must know, it was IHOP, which he affectionately calls IPOOP for obvious reasons)..

OK, so i download NOBLE FART (junk by the way, crashes every single first launch, but it worked well enough for this).. and I set the timer for about 15 seconds.... found the longest "fart" I could, cranked the volume, and slid my phone in his "painters" pocket ......

I stepped out of the stall and began washing my hands, the 3 stalls were all occupied, and he was in the middle.....5, 4, 3, 2.....1 :confused:

IT WAS SO LOUD everyone burst out laughing, even though they all knew it was fake... good god was that a funny thing. Eventually my son walked out.. a little red faced, but still giggling...

I just had to share, hope you enjoyed! Oh admit it, farts are funny, especially to an 8 yr old..

Mr Mayor


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Nov 2, 2009
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That is funny, I have a boys 9 and 7 and there is nothing better then getting them a little red in the face. My luck my boy would have dropped my phone in the toilet or after the fart went off he would have got me back by sending a picture of his poop and sending to my wife or mom like I sent it.

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