Switching from 4s to sg3? Bad experience with galaxy nexus


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Dec 20, 2011
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Here is a little back story:

I owned and enjoyed an iPhone 3G for over two years. I became bored with the iPhone. I wanted a bigger screen and new fresh experience. I read about the galaxy nexus and decided I would switch to Verizon for it, which I did. I even preordered it. Received my phone and within the first day I began disliking it. It was slow, sluggish, screen burnins, terrible reception and so on. I sent the phone back in hopes I just received a defective one. Not the case, same issues on my second nexus. I returned it and went back to AT&T and got the iPhone 4s.

Now that I'm seeing this sg3 and I'm starting to have that itch that I once had for the nexus. My worries would be that I would just have the same issues with the sg3 as I did with the nexus. Maybe that is how droid is. Maybe it is just not as smooth as the iPhone.

-Need some advice. I'm loving the way the sg3 looks.
- I also heard that the sg3 will not be as safe to bank on as an iPhone would be. That worries me too.


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Mar 4, 2012
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I'd say go with the s3 after apples keynote Monday there is nothing I see making me want to go back to ios I'm on a s2 skyrocket u couldn't get me to switch to a 4s if my life depended on it now lol

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Nov 3, 2011
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I'm also going to try S3. I tried Skyrocket last year and didn't like it, so I jumped with iphone 4s. I have mac, ipad and iphone. If I like S3 I'm going to get rid of ipad as soon as I can. It is a useless device for me, I use it just because of its screen.
I'm not going to run 06/21 or whatever date it is coming. I give 2-3 weeks for reviews and rooting - unrooting :). I don't want to have facebook and iphone 5 is not my choice. Most of the people here are correct about iphone 5, no new ideas. The bottom line you never know before you try it.


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May 17, 2012
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There is a comparison video on Phonearena versus both the i4s and the Nexus. Hope that helps. I am upgrading from a BB 9810 which is probably going to be different yet good experience in this leap of faith. I like both RIM and Android in their device customization. It seems though that Android is taking it to another level.

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