Switching from HTC One (m7) to S5


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Dec 7, 2010
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I've had my m7 since launch.. I've also never owned another phone other than HTC going all the way back to the Mogul (WinMo 5) ..

I dont usually bookmark much on my phone, but this time I have.. Best app to transfer stock browser bookmarks from my HTC to the S5?

Also HTC has a "secure" section in stock messaging that is pass locked.. Does Samsung do this by chance? My ex and I are in a loooong child custody battle and I have every message from June 2013 till now saved in this secure section... I plan on using Carbon/Helium to transfer my texts.. Just wondering if I'm gonna have to somewhere to tuck them away so it's not always in my thread (keeps my young kids from accidentally deleting)..