Switching from S22U to P7P?

Cool Jeff

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Jul 16, 2013
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Anyone here switched from the S22U snapdragon to Pixel 7 Pro?
If yes what are your findings? More happy with the P7P or any remorse?

These are the points I concluded from the reviews so far, stop me if I am wrong

Advantages Pixel 7 Pro:
-UI is more fluid and responsive, with samsung UI you sometime have to double tap to select a setting for example because the scrolling effect is not 100% stopped which annoys me
-Main camera is better
-Speaker is louder
-Many more AI added values like unblur photos
-Root friendly as you don't have knox to stop your warranty
-Telephoto 5x is cleaner and sharper than 3x one of the S22U, and more useful in everyday life than x10

Advantages S22U:
-Bigger screen even though very slightly
-spen but I only used it to make whatsapp stickers, I can live without it
-chipset is faster on paper though I personally I don't play 3D games on smartphones
-Resale value is excellent
-Charging time is like 30 minutes faster

Customization on the P7P are numerous if you root and flash a custom rom, stock rom has only a very few ones, AOD and lock-screen are weak on stock for example
If you root and use a custom rom on P7P, will it be able to hide the root from bank apps and virtual car for doors access app?

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