Switching to Android, need advice


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May 27, 2018
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I currently have an iPhone 6s and planning on upgrading to an Android. I've narrowed my options to the S9+, Note 8, and Pixel 2 XL, but I know the Note 9 and Pixel 3 will be just around the corner. Should I buy now or wait? Which would be the better buy? Are there other things I should consider when deciding? I'm planning on buying the phone outright rather than dealing with monthly plans.

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Feb 2, 2017
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There are some other great discussions on here that may help you. This is one short discussion

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Hope this helps a bit.

I have the P2XL and love it. No bloatware, a fast phone with great features, amazing camera and updates as soon as they are available. My other phone is a 6S and the Pixel is a much better experience than iOS 11. Samsung tends to develop lag after a few months and I would advise you visit the forums for the different phones you are considering to hear other people's opinions.

Good luck


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Jul 7, 2013
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If you're waiting for the "next best thing", you'll always be waiting.

Pixel 2 XL - 3 years guaranteed platform and security updates, 2 year warranty, minimal bloat (for maximum customization), arguably the best camera on the market right now, last year's platform, last year's processing platform, though it's still VERY capable. Not glass-backed, arguably more durable but also does not have wireless charging (not a deal-breaker for me).

Galaxy S9/+ - next-gen processor (arguable performance improvement when the Samsung add-ons interfere), MAYBE 2 years of platform updates, 1 year (?) warranty. Many will argue that Samsung Pay is a reason to get a Samsung device, I argue that as most of the places I go to where the terminal is accessible to use any mobile payment platform will accept ANY of the mobile payment platforms. Maybe my area has adopted new terminals faster? I don't know. Fully glass-backed, more potential for breaking but allows for wireless charging (which was not a deal-breaker for me).

Because of the staggering of the releases, the Pixel 3 would be a better comparison to the S9/+ and Note 9, as they are all 2018 releases. Nobody has any FIRM info on the Pixel or Note devices for this year. But if you wait until then, the Galaxy S10 will be "just around the corner".

Bottom line, go someplace that offers both (Verizon?) and pick them both up and get the one that you like the feel of the best. I'm happy with my Pixel 2 XL.