Sync Gmail Contact with Android Phone


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Mar 9, 2011
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I am currently a Blackberry user who is about to change to an Android phone. I also use Outlook desktop to keep my calendar and contacts. I have configured a sync between my Outlook and my gmail account so that part automatically updates (have about 2500 contacts and 3500 calendar items).
My contacts have numerous email addresses and phone numbers and they have all been transferred into my gmail account. My calendar also has numerous recurring events in gmail calendar.

When I switch to an Android phone will all information from the gmail account to the Android phone (I mean all contact fields that are in Gmail or only a subset)? Also will calendar on Android include all info on events and be recurring the same as in Gmail?

Also, if this answer is dependent on which Android phone I would appreciate know that answer too.


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Sep 12, 2011
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If it's also synced to your gmail account, I think it should sync to your Android even when coming from Outlook. It doesn't matter which Android device, and yes, it should sync contacts, calendar and events. Just sync your Android phone to your gmail account and it should do the task.