Sync SMS Between Two Phones One Sim Card


Sep 12, 2011
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I just bought a HTC Rezound to use outside of work and will still be using my Thunderbolt as my work phone. The reason for this is that I work for a company that doesn't allow cameras inside and broke my camera on the T-bolt so I can get personal emails and stream pandora all day at work. I swap my sim card between the devices and would like to make sure that both devices have the same sms messages so i don't lose track of an oin going conversations. Does anyone know of an app that will sync my text messages between the devices. I know I can use google voice but would rather have everything stay synced with my my current number and the builtin android messaging application.

If you know of a wayt o do this with google voice I'm all ears but as long as it will work for my current number.