Sync your harddrives more often.


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Nov 9, 2011
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Warning: This post doesn't have any purposes.

I use one of those USB HDD dock, so the hdd sits exposed. I predicted that niece took the 3.5mm jack of the headphone plug, or something metallic and run it on the back of the hdd's controller board, which results in a shock and killing it, not sure.

I bought a replacement board, but the head arm still couldn't function correctly, I'm not about to buy another head arm which in total would cost a new hdd. I though about removing the platters to put onto another drive to retrieve the data, but this Samsung has 3 platters, all my other WD harddrives use 4 platters, I'm not sure of the compatibility.

I already synced the hdd, but the last time was 3 months ago. The data wasn't too important, just have to rerip a bunch of music cds and dvd, and redownload cosmology lectures. So I'll just let my niece play with the platters and use the magnets on my fridge. I'll use the HDD case to grow sprouts or something.

So, the lesson I found out is: Buy the same brand of HDD, sync HDDs more often, also probably use a case instead of a dock.
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