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Hi, I recently changed from a Samsung s7 to Huawei P20 (2 weeks ago)

I found that the app/calendar on the s7 ( previously called s planner) was very useful to me in the way it synched my travel plans, delivers and bookings etc from my outlook straight on to the calendar.

The P20 does not appear to be able to do that with its calendar, which is causing me a problem.
I have downloaded other calendar/ planner apps, but my emails will not synch, even tho they ask for permission to my emails or calendar or viseversa when installing them.

I have spoke to the helpline, via chat,who tell me it's a fault with the phone, then my husband was told via chat, that this feature was not available!

Also, there is a problem loading webpages and at times generally getting on line, wether that is using wi-fi or my data.

Sorry for the long winded stuff, but can anyone advise?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Assuming you're talking about Outlook running on your PC, you need specific apps for Outlook email, Outlook calendar (unless you link Google Calendar to your Outlook calendar) and Outlook contacts. Android doesn't natively sync to Outlook, it syncs to Android - and Outlook is a Microsoft environment.