Syncing hotmail on Xperia with Outlook on PC Windows 7, how co I do this?


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Syncing hotmail on Xperia with Outlook on PC Windows 7

I do not understand the idea of syncing. If I use my hotmail on any computer via Internet, I can see and do anything. If I send an email from my Xperia phone, then I cannot see it sent on my PC's Outlook. I do have Outlook app on my phone but I do not use it often because it is very slow. I just go to Internet, get hotmail login and do it that way. What's wrong with this? I assumed that wherever you are, from whatever device, if you could access Internet, you could access your mail. Your commands would go to whatever server handles your email and they will be all registered and kept there.Send, delete, reply, whatever? Why not? I am puzzled.


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Jul 7, 2013
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Re: Syncing hotmail on Xperia with Outlook on PC Windows 7

This depends on how you set up your mail account in Outlook.

If it's set up as a POP3 account, I would expect the behavior you are seeing.

An IMAP account would mirror the folder and message structure from the webmail interface onto your Outlook account on your computer when you sign in (keeping a cached version for offline use). So, if you send an email from your phone using the web interface, it shows in the sent folder in the web interface and will show in the sent folder in Outlook on the computer once it's synced the changes.


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Oct 15, 2015
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Thanks! I will try to reset to IMAP. Will investigate. No idea how it was set up - I probably accepted defaults when I first installed Outlook on my PC (years ago). Why would anyone want to set it up so it does not sync with their phone? TO:)he phones did not exist?
You don't have to answer this question, I am just curious. Never mind, mysterious are the ways of the computing world... greetings and thanks.


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