T-mobile finally gets the goods


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Dec 18, 2009
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As a Tmo customer who has been with them for more than 5 years I think that its awesome that Tmo MIGHT finally be getting a GOOD exclusive. From I've read so far, the phone is FCC certified for Tmo's 3G band will which is a strong indication that the phone will first release either on or for Tmo. The G1 and having the prestige of being the first carrier with an android was good for Tmo but the phone was marketed as an Iphone killer but had neither the hardware nor software to compete. No phone will ever compare to the Iphone without a headphone jack and that was a serious mistake on the part of HTC and Tmo. However, if the nexus one really turns out to be the google phone, I'm going to be really pleased that its coming to Tmo first, no matter if I have to pay full price for it