T-Mobile LG G2: New kitkat update messed my text notification up..


Mar 27, 2014
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I was forced into the latest update and its changed a few things that has me irritated. Texting has become slow for me and when typing in convo it comes to a halt while a text comes in. Hwever one thing that has me most irrtated is the text pop up you get. It still pops up as a preview if im in my phone on Facebook or browing the net or something but it no longer pops up when phone is in idle and lights up the screen.

Has this feature been removed? I liked that feature a lot and hope that it hasnt been.
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Dec 2, 2015
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I totally agree!! the forced upgrade with T-Mobile screwed up many things on my phone!

I chatted with T-Mobile and the answer I got was " contact the manufacturer"!! They took no accountabilty, did not care that it messed up everyones phones, and did not care that I have to find a way to fix it. Not help, no nothing!!!!

What a crock of ****!

There was no way to opt out, T-Mobile sent it not only once, but three times!!! I could not even use my phone until the upgrade was accepted. No matter what, even if I said delay I got an immediate notification again to upgrade my phone.

The un carrier, is really not only an un carrier but un helpful and un considerate!!

Have no idea how to fix it and now its my problem to fix.

Unbelievable!! not even an applogy or even help!

I got the same response when I called, or used chat.

They dont care that your phone was screwed up by a forced upgrade you cant opt out to, now I have to fix the problem!!!!


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