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T-Mobile S6 Edge after the Marshmallow Update


New member
Apr 23, 2014
Fellow S6 Edge forumers! I've been experiencing some very unusual behavior from my T-Mobile S6 edge after the latest Marshmallow update (even after a full factory reset) and I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same.

Issue 1: Gmail automatic sync is literally nonexistent. Since the update I've gone hours without my email syncing, even when I send myself a test email to my own accounts. At times the email will just sit in the outbox until I manually sync. This happens both on full 4G LTE and wifi. Randomly Gmail will sync if I set the phone on the wireless charger or plug in the micro USB.

Anyone else having similar issues? Any ideas on solutions, short of upgrading my device lol.

Issue 2: Facebook auto refreshing when opening the app barely occurs and when I attempt to manually refresh, I will get the prompt below the feed which reads "can't connect right now". This will happen on full 4G LTE and/or wifi.

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Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
They're probably both due to the connection bug in Marshmallow.