T95Z Pluas anroid TV box casting / phone instead of tv apps / connecting


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Feb 13, 2012
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I have already seen questions about conneting a Samsung S9 to this tv box, it was moved to teh Android TV group but no further answers.

I have also seen a user asking why he got phone apps presented in the play store, moved to Android TV but no further answers
I really like to hear answers to this questions but I have another one that bothers me more.

I thought an Android TV box always could be used as a cast to device.
But when I want to cast something I can only see the other chromecast I have but not the TV box.
The only thing I can do is cast my entire screen by using Miracast.
Is it just me or do other people have the same problem?
If it is an existing problem can it be solved?
In this article https://support.google.com/androidtv/answer/9397760?hl=en#zippy=%2Cmake-sure-casting-is-enabled-on-your-tv they mention Google cast receiver, this is something I cannot find on my tv box. Can this app be downloaded and installed afterwards to solve the problem?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! The problem with Android TV boxes is that there are so many no-name and off-brand devices out there that are of very questionable quality, from companies that provide no support. So it can be difficult to give definitive answers, since it can be hard to search the web for any relevant results.

From what I can find, not all Android TV boxes support Chromecast. Does yours specifically say on the box or the manual that it supports Chromecast?

For anyone considering an Android/Google TV experience, I would highly recommend Google's own Chromecast with Google TV (or Walmart's well-reviewed .onn Android TV dongle). These are very inexpensive (Google's is $40-50 depending on sales, and Walmart's is $20). Stay away from the off-brand ones -- they may seem like a good deal, but the quality headaches and the lack of support will eventually make them not worthwhile.

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