Tab S9 FE Huge Battery Drain


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Jun 29, 2011
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I have had a Tab S9 FE wifi only for several months now but I can't find any way to stop the battery drain. I am losing 15 -20% a night with bluetooth off and battery saver on.

I tried installing Accubattery and keeping Accubattery awake all the time to find the offending app but all it found was Accubattery and Play Store, with each draining less than 1% of battery. Native battery app also does not say where all the power goes.

I have a Tab S9 Ultra that only loses 3 or 4% a night with battery saver off. I set up the FE from the Tab s9 ultra and added no more apps at all.

I'd like to trade in the FE for an actual Tab s9 but it isn't one of the devices listed as trade in elegible!

I use all the same apps on my s22 Ultra and Tab s9 Ultra with no battery drain problems. I'm baffled and disgusted.



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Jun 28, 2010
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Try this:

Goto your apps list and look for an app called Device health services. If you have it, clear data and cache. Force stop the app. Then reboot. It may or may not help but something to try.

(I don't even know if it works on a Samsung device. I found it for Pixels. Just something to try and see. Good luck)