Tablet Shopping..What makes 3.0 so good?


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May 18, 2010
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So I'm doing my hands-on shopping to see if I'm ready for an Android tablet.

I LOVE my Evo 4G, so was expecting basically the same UI and nothing exceptionally different, just things optimized for the size.

To my dismay, after looking through 5 different tablets, I did NOT like the 3.0 interface - particularly, the basic navigation and notification bar at the bottom which from all I've looked at cannot be moved to the top. I was trying to type with it and found it WAY TO EASY to accidentally hit one of the bottom 3 navigation icons taking me out of the app.
I also don't find it as easy to flip back and forth between apps like my phone or take "shortcuts" that I've been able customize so easily. I did a little market searching for apps I'd want to use, but I didn't find it easy to find free apps or as many as I currently use. I did read that 3.1 or 3.2

* What have you found to be better about the Honeycomb version? I've only found "worse" for me.
* What am I missing?
* Are some apps not showing because they aren't (yet) designed for Honeycomb compatibility?
* I know there are some apps that are only on 3.0, but I'm hoping for me. Google Body is the only thing that I've found advantageous about 3.0 (for teaching). I'm not a gamer, so I don't yet see advantages to a tablet over the phone.
* Have you come across any good keyboard replacement apps yet other than Swiftkey that are good? I love Better Keyboard on my phone and was hoping for something similar
* Is it true that you cannot App2SD yet on Honeycomb?

Your input on the Pros and Cons is appreciated. I've only been able to see "yeah! I've got one" and the problems with each more than anything else.



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Oct 20, 2009
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No aps2sd we have built I'm memory 16 or 32gb. Some tablets don't do SD card. Thumb keyboard is my preferred KB when the new os drops ice cream sandwich it will b honeycomb like. Also I wish honeycomb was more PC then phone.