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Tablets lost my GPS signal in my car


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Feb 28, 2012
Hi, I bought a Sm-t239 Samsung Tab4 as GPS navigator in my Micra Nissan Car (year 2008).

I encountered issue on my GPS system and the tablet often lost my GPS signal and the navigator recalculated always the route.

I searched on Google some tablet that gets a best Gps system part and I found that Nexus 9 by HTC should be the best one.

But for both tablets I get about same results.

I noticed that for Samsung in Gps Status Toolbox app I get less satellites than Htc tablet and effectively when I go out the tunnels the Htc is faster than Samsung to localize my position.

I use both under windscreen through the stand but I tried to move tablets on passenger seat and I get the same situation and GPS signal is lost.

I tried to use my OnePlus 5 phone that I arrange on my aeration nozzles and the phone always works fine! It gets abou 32 satellites.

Do you know what's the reason for my issues?

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