Testing at the Corporate Store Today


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Aug 11, 2010
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Took my ET in today as it was giving me some bugs...getting hot while charging all of a sudden, the earpiece getting way warmer than it had been on a 3 minute call and car mode coming on while it was just sitting on my desk...all by itself.

While they had it out back, I tested the ET4G, Photon, Epic 4G and EVO4G for 4G and 3G and signal strength.

4G...using the Sprint Network Speed Test and then the Speed Test app from the market (not the most reliable) all of them were almost identical in DL and varied a hair more in UL.

3G...again, almost identical except this time the UL speeds were much closer.

As far as signal strength went for the phone portion (I needed a little help getting the info on the Epic 4G from one of the techs)....all 4 of them were reading between -71 and -76dBm....and they don't have an airave on there....or so they claim.

They "repaired" my release day ET by giving me a brandy new one. Checking the phone signal strength out in the parking lot it was actually reading -65dBm while reading 4 bars....so don't rely on them for a real signal indicator....but hopefully you already knew that :)

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