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Text Message Microphone No Longer Mutes Audio


AC Question

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6, recently upgraded to Nougat. I have verified with other users, as well as with Verizon Technical Support, that the following issue is not limited to my device or model. They were able to recreate the symptoms on other Samsung devices.

Until recently, tapping the microphone button in a text message app (Messages and/or Messages+) would mute any other audio (music, streaming radio, etc.) while the microphone was in use. That no longer happens. The other audio continues to play, which causes a problem if the other audio happens to be "text". The microphone picks up the phone audio and converts it to text, placing it into the text message field. Even if it's music, it's a major annoyance because the sound in the background is a distraction while composing the speech-to-text message.

According to Verizon, the only "fix" is to pause the audio before using the microphone to create the text message. They do not know whether this is a "feature" of Nougat or a flaw. Obviously, that is extremely inconvenient. What used to be one tap on the mic is now multiple taps to switch to whatever audio app is playing, pause the audio, switch back to the messaging app, etc.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or an intentional change? Does anyone know of a work around other than Verizon's multi-tap, switch apps suggestion?


Rocky Vezzuso

New member
Nov 23, 2012
same problem, same phone, same OS with Sprint. sorry I can't offer any info. Just trying to bump these threads with responses. Can't find an answer anywhere either.