Thank samsung for there amazing service. :)

John Doe72

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Mar 10, 2014
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I have a problem with samsung cell phone.
Before I post this, I really really like galaxy series.
Using Galaxy S2 after that using Note 2.

Before that, all most my every cellphone is SAMSUNG.

I've been Samsung service centre 3 times for this issue.


First time my boss is very upset cause there is very urgent issue, but I'm not answering his phone call during work time. So he thought I deny his phone call. At the end of that they, I had a really bad and upset client.

Very next day, I ran to Samsung service centre and they offer me the FACTORY RESET. And I did.

And same thing happen again, and Samsung told me it should be service providers fault. I called service provider and complain about this. Service provider check my cell phone. And engineer reset or sort of thing to my cell phone.


It happen again.
I spend my peaceful Sunday afternoon for explain about not answering is not my fault to my GF!! (Sometime she freak me out but generally she is nice.)

She called me 4 times and 2 of them is not on my cell phone log. And 3rd call incoming UNKNOWN. Luckily 4th call is working normally.
I screen captured my GF log and mine.

Also I go to SysDump (go *#9900# << it's working on Korea) make a log "Run dumstate/logcag/modem log", "Run dumstate/logcat" and "Run CP based log" as engineer's request at 2nd time.

It's 3rd time to visit to samsung service centre and they said it will takes 14 day to check this.

And I had a phone call from service centre, MY PHONE IS OK!!
I really upset so I contact my service provider.
I gave them my number incoming call number, time to called etc.
And service provider sent me text.(Sorry I'm in Korea, so service provider sent me in Korean)

문의주신 2/23일자 15:16 / 17분에 대한 XXXX번 고객님께서 전화를 걸었다는 신호코드는 확인됩니다. 현고객님 단말기에서 받았다는 응답코드가 올라오지않아 고객님께서 받지 않았거나 단말기에서 차단되었을 경우로 의심되는 부분이 있다는 답변 받아 말씀드립니다.

Contents of text is
We found there is sign code from XXXX client on 15:16 / 15:17 at 23-Feb. But there is no answering code from your device. We believe this caused you were not answering the phone call or blocked your device.


My phone couldn't catch a signal.
So which mean I have no clue how many incoming call during that time.

I told you again, it happened more than 3 times and I have no idea how many people called to me.

I go to service centre again, and they lead me to private room for explain. You guys can't talk "that is not my fault" in your normal customer service chair? Why we can't share our problem with another Samsung customer?

Anyway engineer said to me missed log is caused noised signal in field.

OK. I'll wait again. And I know you will say "that is not my fault".

Finally I want to mention to everyone, the basic function of cell phone is phone call.

Think about this. In movie "Taken", if Liam Neeson using samsung cell phone and his phone made same situation like mine. Thanks NOKIA. You save amazing movie!!!