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Jan 11, 2014
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I ran into the issue where Play Store exits when I open the app.

I have seen many offering on fixes and have tried some with no luck.
One suggestion is go to the application manager and at the bottom enable download manager.
I do not have an app called download manager. I think I am supposed to have Google Play Services but I do not see that app. Since Play Store is not working, I cannot download it.

Anyway, here are the specifics and what I see:

Samsung Stratosphere SCH-I405
Firmware 2.3.6

I went into Applications
Manage applications, clicked on All.
Located Google Play Store and clicked on Clear data.
Force Stop
Went back to home screen and clicked on Play Store.
Play Store opened and I saw the screen where you need to agree to terms.
It exits and at the top or the phone in the msg area is a message that says 27 updates are available.
I scroll down to the message and click on the updates,,,
Play Store opens to a gray screen and immediately disappears and a small black window with some message flashes by and it exits (sorry the application,?.)
I go back and try Play Store again and it opens to the Play Store gray screen than disappears and the message flashes by,,:(

So, I am not sure if it is because Google Play Services is not installed or something with Play Store.:-\:-\

I really don?t want to do a hard reset,,,

Any other ideas?

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