the complete communication (t)ECO SYSTEM

Anant Anand

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Feb 27, 2016
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? Do you think you're using your phone too much?
?? Do you think you're checking it every now and then?
??? Do you think your gadgets have become your world and your this world is ruling over your life????


We need t(eco) system of three gadgets....

One Phone watch (not wear) two bluetooth headset and three display tab or phone......

1) phone watch...
It must have phone capacity (priv like sliding keypad preferable) and wifi hotspot, bluetooth connectivity, best battery life... (This four are basic features)

2) bluetooth headset
Preferable wired like SBH 50 of sony, so we insert it in ear only when needed and Not behaving like robot all time.

3) display and application tab or phone (not required all time)
It will be connected to WiFi of your phone watch (remember your phone watch is WiFi hotspot too) or wifi of your home/office..

Right now we have become prisoner of smartphone.. in this concept you'll pickup phone or tab (number three) only when you need to see extra of world like fb or amazon or youtube and many other things but mostly your phone/display tab will rest in your drawer.
Many times you move around or go into chamber of boss without taking your phone along.... Here, your phone (in form of watch phone and wired bluetooth clipped with your shirt or belt) will travel with you...
This watch may have advanced feature like notification from your display tab apps and HRM and step counter etc as well... It may wake you up in morning with vibrate....


transferring SIM and WI-FI hotspot ability from phone to watch can reduce indispensability of carrying big tab always with us...

It's idea that needs execution.