The golden headphone already broke


AC Question

Just after 2 months of use the golden axon 7 headphones started to stop giving sound from the left ear-bud. Moving it a bit at the point where the wire is connected to the mini-jack it 'connected' again.
A known problem with cheap earbuds, and/or improper use.

Now I thought that these earbuds would be at least equal to apple version. Already worn out two pair, witch served me for at least a year, before the sound was getting less.. But never they broke.
I was wondering if I am just unlucky, or that this happens to more people/earbuds

I don't mind that much, because there are some proper over ear closed back headphones coming that would replace these small earbuds anyway... But would have been nice to have spare small ones for some surcomstances.

But enjoying the axon 7 phone as if made from gold, so for me no harm done...