The Mac Mini XXL featuring, exclusively, Ubuntu 11


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Sep 1, 2010
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So, After a headache and a half I'm finally finished.

1- Partitioning an iMac with OS X is the devil. (I should have just used my Ubuntu Disk for that).
2- The hardware is funky.
3- I think I had to do like 5 reinstalls and consumed hours on this.
4- And, I'm not quite sure if I needed to this: but had to hop on a crappy windows computer running windows vista to make a grub disk. (And the vista computer is running windows 98 hardware. *Insert Horror Noises here*)

Couldn't access files from OS X partition. OS X wouldn't boot. Was read only. Finally, somehow, got OS X terminal to load so I could copy them to a shared directory. Then, When I erased OS X I guess I accidentally installed grub on that partition. Lost in. Installed Ubuntu again with Grub. Move files over. Expanded partition. Messed with Compiz guess the hardware doesn't work right. Lost my desktop. Couldn't get it back. Gave up trying since I just installed. Reinstalled. Deleted Ubuntu (And grub, AGAIN)

Didn't set up my partitions the way I wanted to so I did it again and this time installed Grub on the "Files" Partition I made to keep all my files. And then the OS is on another. (Don't know why I didn't do that in the first place.)

Anyways, mistakes were made. Headaches were had. Backaches from sitting on the floor cause I thought it would be a smooth process and didn't bother to set it up somewhere are still here. But it's finally done. :) (This is what I get for having genius ideas when I can't find a cheap netbook in the store and remember there is a Mac sitting in the basement with all my files I wanted to get off anyways. )

The screen was messed up on the mac. Lots of vertical blue lines. In typical Mac fashion I had to spend 40 bux just to get the video out of this thing to the TV. Mini DVI.. seriously. Then I couldn't find a VGA cable ANYWHERE in my basement, lol.

I Bring you. The Mac Book Mini XXL. L O L!. (I'll get around to taking the stand off one of these days).

Making an iMac useful - YouTube

Using premoteDroid for mouse and keyboard. Just sit on the bed and relax. :)

(OS X and everything with it is completely gone)
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