The option to slow down or speed up video playback seems to be gone.

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Aug 21, 2011
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(Or is it just because I bought the A15 G5 this time instead a recent S model?)

I recently got the Galaxy A15 G5. Despite it not being in the flagship series, and its plastic body, it has mostly been very satisfactory. Among other things I appreciate the 128G internal storage which is twice what my old S8 has (I tend to use up a lot of space on my devices). And the performance has been more than adequate, even for resource-demanding apps like flight simulators.

But now when I play back videos I've shot using phone, I can't change the speed anymore. When playìng back videos on my old phone, I used to be able to tap on the "1.0" just above the pause/play button to get a slider control allowing me to set the speed to anywhere from .5x to 2x. This always worked for videos taken with the phone camera, and sometimes also for videos imported from other sources.

Is there a way I can enable adjustable video playback speed on this phone, or is that a premium feature available only on S-series handsets?

Or is it simply a feature that Samsung or Google decided to discontinue?

In closing, I know there are other video player apps out there that do offer adjustable speeds, but the ones I've seen are all missing one capability or another. For example, very few provide the ability to zoom in, and of the few exceptions that do, none of them let you pan around after zooming. You can zoom in on the center only. TBH every one of the apps I tried was downright clunky and a pain to use; the Samsung app really spoils you for any other video app on a phone.
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