The OS mounts my external SD card but won't use it

Drew Mills

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Jan 2, 2013
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When I got my Note2, it had a folder /storage/sdcard0. This seems to be just a virtual sd card that uses the phone's memory. A bit later I purchased a real sdcard and installed it. I re-started but the OS still sees sdcard0 as my sd card.

I know this because SuperBox has an feature that tells what apps can move to the sd card or have already been put there. It says I have lots of apps on my sd card. But they are only on sdcard0, not /storage/extSdCard (my real external card).

So, how can I convince the OS to start using /storage/extSdCard as my real sd card?


Nov 11, 2012
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My note 2 calls the memory card "extSdCard"you cant install apps to it but you can things like the camera to save images on it.
I also found that if I drag and drop music into a folder on the card the player finds it.
I used ES File explorer app to set up folders for images and media and selecting the favourites button in that app shows the ext card.

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