The Pixel 8 may be eSIM-only as Android preps eSIM transfer tool

Stanley Kubrick

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Jun 14, 2011
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I personally have not had any dealings with an eSIM ... but I have read of many nightmares with the tech. I would like to think that Google is NOT going to make the 8 series eSIM only because there are already several (maybe too many) changes from the 7 series. So many things could go wrong with the known changes...Tensor 3, Ultra-Sonic FP reader, upgraded cameras and software? To add an eSIM only "feature" when there are so many other possible disasters that could crop up is asking for the whole Pixel series to die a painful death! They've already lost sales due to the Tensor SOC. I do NOT think eSIM is ready for prime time - yet! They can encourage people to adopt the tech by providing the software for people to test but they need to keep the pSIM slot active for those who are simply not ready to mess with this immature tech. I know that if they eliminate the pSIM altogether I may have to look elsewhere for my next phone and I'm sure others will also!
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Feb 6, 2017
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I don't mind Esim if they let you do this online through your account and some carriers are worse than others setting this up even with a representative .
ATT sucks at this , TMO is pretty good don't know other carrier how they are .


Sep 10, 2013
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I am willing switch to esim only phone when I can transfer it to any phone any any other person with zero involvement from carrier like i can do with the physical sim.