The rise of MediaTek... maybe.....

Will we have MediaTek-powered phones outside of China?

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Mar 17, 2014
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What's up guys! I'm new here and thought I'd kick off a discussion :p

I was thinking about the development of SoCs recently and I'm thinking about MediaTek, after seeing this article about their rising revenues. Up until now they have only really featured on cheap phones in regions such as China, but they seem to be progressing really fast. One thing I noticed in particular is that they were the first company to produce an octa-core chip (the MediaTek MT6592 (engadget)) which has HMP, you can read about it here on wikipedia but basically it means that all 8 cores can run at the same time, instead of the SoC switching between 4 powerful cores and 4 weaker cores for less intensive tasks. From the article I just linked to on engadget it seems to perform really well, and seems marginally better on paper than the Snapdragon 800 - comparison here.

It's a pretty big deal I think, and should mean the chip is a lot more capable when it needs the extra power as it will have all 8 cores running at once.

The Exynos 5422 has this as well, and looks superior to the MediaTek chip (here's a second comparison). But the fact that MediaTek, a relatively small company in comparison, did it first is surprising to me.

The main obstacle seems to be 4G, as their chip doesn't have LTE. I'm just wondering though, if they crack the LTE problem and start offering true octa-core processors, and carry on developing at their current pace, perhaps we'll start seeing them in more devices sold in places such as Europe and the US. I imagine they are much cheaper which would probably help. Maybe it would result in cheaper smartphones? :-$

What do you guys think, is MediaTek set to dominate? :confused: