The screen is too dark

Jul 29, 2018
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I thoughtTwilight app fixes the problem but it doesn't because it makes it look pixelated. On this tablet especially in dark scenes it looks darker than it should because it doesn't look this way on my other devices and it's so dark you can't even see the details of certain areas that you are supposed to be able to see. The brightness is at maximum, auto is turned off, and filter is off too. Color Lens and Color Adjustment didn't fix the problem and they cannot be used at the same time which I believe could have fixed the problem. How can I fix this????? Both Samsung and Amazon Video and Netflix didn't know. It has nothing to do with the apps. It has to do with the tablet. This is the 4th tablet I had to buy and had to return the other 3 for other reasons and for all 4 tablets they all look the same darkness so that's why I say it's the tablet and not the app and not the videos from any of these apps.