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Feb 17, 2011
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I am a bigtime mobile gamer, who is considering making the jump from my pre, ipod touch, and blackberry to an android phone (right now, that is a LOT to keep in my pockets). I am interested in the Xperia Play, but am wondering how android gaming in general compares to iOS gaming. I almost exclusively play rpgs and strategy games, and have no interest in things like Angry Birds. Most of my favorite iOS games have been smaller titles that suit my relatively niche tastes, and I am just wondering if Android has games that I will like. I know it has the big names, but how is it below the surface? I am torn between Android + blackberry or just an Iphone 5 on verizon (my exchange server does not support android).

Here are some games I have recently enjoyed on iOS, to give you an idea of what I like:

100 Rouges
Hills and Rivers Remain
Monkey Island
Chaos Rings
Dungeon Hunter
Final Fantasy I/II


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Jan 9, 2011
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RPG's and turn based strategy games are my favorites although I still squeeze in some Wordfued / Words with Friends and Fruit Ninja here and there.

The only Square Enix game on the Market is Crystal Defenders which looks pretty good.

The highest quality RPG is Spectral Souls which is a 1GB game that costs $14. It's actually a tactical RPG.

Others available include:
UniWar - basic turned based strategy game less of an RPG
Crusade of Destiny - RPG
Legends Arcana - action RPG
Swords & Earrings - turned based strategy RPG
Zenonia 1 & 2 - RPG

Plus there are emulators on the Market which open up the floodgates to available classics out there like ...

Earthbound!!! ;)

There are a ton of lesser known RPG's on the market even some old school text based ones if you dig around.

Good luck with your choice of OS.

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